the structure of persuasive copy

the structure of persuasive copy

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  1. i don’t think this article has gotten the exposure it rightfully deserves. this may as well be the “bible for blogging,” as far as i’m concerned.

  2. too late, i already spent loads of money on marketing and online web training in words and the gift of “selling” when , here at copyblogger, i could have gotten it all for free!

    two quick questions:

    1. what about writing short copy, like the copy i need to write for this coffee shop to sell theri drinks?

    2. what about inspirational copy/ i am working on a website of a former governor and working hard to get people fired up about still partcipating in the causes he loved. think blog/newsletter, updated content on a regular basis.

    thanks for reading, please drop me a line at your earliest convience,

    lawton chiles

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