why staying curious is so important for creativity

why staying curious is so important for creativity

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  1. i can always tell when my brain is getting ‘clogged’ because i can’t think of anything new…and then i go back to reading a book while commuting instead of scrolling facebook, i read on my lunch break, or i make an effort to go somewhere new to explore. works like a charm!

  2. love it! i interviewed an author recently who said that he thinks the perfect antidote is to walk through a museum. you get novelty, introspection, and exercise, all in one 🙂 thanks for sharing – k

  3. taking a walk or even a long hot shower works for me. i try to also take sunday to be off the computer completely. no social media at all. just reading a book, taking walks, shopping or going out for a meal. anything to be “normal” again.

    it helps that i don’t live with a writer, actually. they remind me when i’m spending too much time on my laptop.

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