my oxymoronic six month anniversary

my oxymoronic six month anniversary

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  1. more links to stuff you find around the net brian. that way i don’t have to be the only one wasting time.

    congrats man. 🙂

  2. hey brian,

    i enjoy your site. congrats, on your anniversary.

    i’d be in favor of more frequent and shorter posts. my 2 cents.

  3. congrats on your 6 month anniversary. lots of great information shared here. thanks for that!

    here’s to 6 months more…and beyond! i agree that shorter and more frequent is great for postings.

  4. brian,

    congrats and thank you! i have only been reading you a few weeks and have went back and read most of your archives and downloaded so mnay of your pdfs. you are such a great resource! i have implemented many of your strategies into my rufus and lucy site and it is beginning to work and it has only been live for just over a week! thank you for everything and i would love to see interesting links you find. that is how i found you!

  5. congrats on a great blog, brian. now let me disagree with my fellow readers on frequency. i’d rather read two well written posts a week that contain relevant content, than posts that are more frequent, but less relevant.

    i only post twice a week myself and my stats are very healthy.

  6. brian,

    your advice is 1st rate. i refer to you & brad shorr for relevent, timely and solid blogging sources. thanks for sharing your ideas. please keep me, informed whenever you post. and congrats on your six months!

  7. happy 6th messiversary, brian!

    thank you for posting all those useful and informative articles. two article posts a week is perfect. if you write more often, i’d probably drown in too much info.

    or maybe you could try it (post shorter articles more often) and see how things go.

    again, congratulations!

  8. congratulations brian.

    six months online is much more than a year in regular “human” years.

    two good articles a week, yours are always good, is ok for me too.

    although some mini-posts, always related to copyblogging, would be well received as well.

    best wishes!

  9. well done baby.

    all i can say is that i love this site.

    hope you go on another 6 months, a year, 10 years…

    you ever think about that? i mean, what are we going to do, keep cranking this stuff out for 30 years?

  10. hey brian,
    your blog is a-list in my book all of the way. congratulations on your first six months. i’ve learned a lot from reading what you have to say and hope to learn a lot more in the next six months.

  11. six months? congrats. and — *big sigh* — i’m sure it’ll take me most of the next six months to read all the posts and comments. but it’ll be six months well invested.

  12. great run so far brian..

    six months is a big haul for a online startups.. i know plenty that sunk after 1 month.

    i only started reading your blog last month after finding you thru and it has been a great find.

    i look forward to any else you may add to the site in the future.

    jason brown

  13. congrats on the anniversary. yours is one of the few blogs in my ‘always read’ list.

    the posting frequency is perfect for me. i tend to drop anyone who posts more than daily. weekly or semi-weekly is ideal, especially for lengthy posts.

  14. brian,

    i’d much rather continue to get your well thought out, longer posts than have this blog become yet another collection of “cool things i saw online today”.

    there are plenty of the latter out there now, and i think part of the reason you have been successful in building up a readership so quickly is that you provide unique, valuable content.

    when a new article shows up on your feed, i tend to look at it right away because i’m confident that it’ll be worth my while. on the other hand, that pavlovian response has been broken for some otherwise high-quality feeds who “supplement” their writing with link posts.

  15. your posts are valuable for someone new to the copywriting world. i think your post frequency is just right. keep up the excellent job you’re doing.

  16. thanks everyone for the kind words! i’m not sure where we stand on posting frequency, but at least for the next series on headlines, the posts will be shorter and more frequent, just to see how breaking things up goes.

  17. brian, great job so far. i’d say, yes, please do consider posting more frequently, even if a lot of your posts are simply “i found this great link” posts. you never know who else might find them useful.

  18. congratulations! i love the interesting and useful insights your writing provides.

    and on top of that, your blog looks great.

  19. hey brian,

    for me, your posting frequency so far has been perfect. i like the longer posts, which seem optimal for the kind of technical information you’re imparting. some short posts might be okay too, or the occasional link, but what i value most about copyblogger is that i can count on high quality every time. there are plenty of link blogs out there already, and i subscribe to a few of them.

    yours is one of very few blogs where i read every post as soon as it appears in my feed. there are a few others where i read everything, but only when i’m in the mood and there are many that i go through every few days and delete most posts without reading. those that mostly consist of links and short posts are the ones i read the least.

    perhaps mixing it up a bit would be good as an experiment? until you go with the short frequent posts, it’s hard to say how they’ll strike us on this end. i’m guessing you wouldn’t bring it up unless you had something in mind. if the quality remains the same, i certainly wouldn’t mind *a bit* more frequency.

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