3 types of action that stir up the desire to keep reading your article

3 types of action that stir up the desire to keep reading your article

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  1. i often start my blog post by engaging the reader immediately by asking a question. “have you ever…. ?” “what would you do if…?” “what was the last time you….” a command works too: “just imagine you are….” “don’t ever do…” i try very hard to make my introductory sentence and paragraph ask something of the reader so he or she feels engaged. then of course i hope the rest of the story doesn’t disappoint!

  2. hi, stefanie!

    first of all, i’d like to thank you for this exquisitely written article.

    here are some thoughts that i like to share regarding this post:

    the very first thing i’d like to say is that this article is expressing itself from a different point of view, which is the biggest actionable example that this post is trying to say to its audience.

    here are the two prominent elements of this article that are quite captivating:

    #1 an unusual point of view: this is the most fascinating point i’ve come across while reading this article. the three bulleted points are the main ingredient to win or stand out in the extremely competitive 2022世界杯12强赛程 game (depending on the niche someone is in).

    the word “unusual” really compelled me to read the whole point!

    #2 reader participation: this point is directly linked to engagement and building an email list. since the point is insisting us to write in a way so that a reader will want to read another article of that author in the future.

    anyways, it’s a great article and helped me inspired to write more compelling articles in the future.

  3. i’ve never done too much of the ‘reader participation’ tip. i like using a contrarian point of view or even a juxtaposition to try to pull the reader in.

    i have to finish an article this afternoon. i think i’m going to try the reader participation tip.

    thanks for the good read.

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