how to get more traffic with seo

how to get more traffic with seo

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  1. this is very helpful. thanks. if you’re an artist/maker and your site is mostly a gallery of images and an about page, is alt text and descriptions on images the best place to add keywords?

    • hey jane. sure, alt text to images is always a good idea but remember, that only counts in image search. i would give it a try and see if you get any traffic. but realistically, i wouldn’t expect much results from it. you’ll have to write content if you really want to be found.

  2. find a niche and own it locally is great. thanks for the article tim.

    @jane and other visual creatives.

    our photography website had very little text and little to no traffic/rankings.
    the website really started getting quality traffic after adding lots and lots of written content.
    big g image search is set up against content creators because they display large enough images so very few people will click through to your website.

    written copy only shows up with a couple of sentences and you get lots more click-throughs. at least that’s our experience.

    hope it helps.


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