no audience?
the first step for new writers

no audience? <br>the first step for new writers

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  1. great analogy for writers trying to improve their skills, like a squirrel there is no where to go but up.

    after getting over your fear of criticism, the next biggest obstacle is attracting readers to your content.

    thank you for your useful advice here.
    r.g. ramsey

  2. really inspiring article. i was invited to pitch a documentary concept for the green screen festival, and had to write the script. not being a writer was giving me some serious doubts. your article helped me with what i had the biggest issue with, was how to structure it.

  3. awesome article, stephanie…”when i worked freelance, i was afraid to write my own content for a long time.”

    i write for clients but short-circuit on my own stuff. which looks like this:

    wait, which personas should i target? is that the best category? topic? will they care?


    but, that’s why i’m here! it’s my just-write-your-stuff therapy. cheers!

    p.s. wednesday’s presentation was super helpful. thank you!

    • you’re not as self-conscious writing for clients, right? it’s much easier to see what needs to be said when it’s not your own personal writing.

      so glad we’re your “just-write-your-stuff therapy,” sharyn! well put. and thanks for checking out the live session last week. 🙂

  4. excellent suggestions right there by stefanie!
    just wanted to add this line —

    “be creative practically, and
    be practical with your creativity”

    what i mean is, as soon as you get a creative thought, you don’t jiggle with it and change it until you don’t like to write on it, rather be practical with that thought and immediately transform it into words which certainly need not be perfect.

    when you do that, you gradually see yourself writing more creative content both in quantity and quality. hope it helps some beginners who are into writing but face a shortage of creative content and rock-solid ideas.

    thanks and regards!

  5. great article. i’ve been writing for the past 6-7 months. i’m still working to find the right space (set of topics and themes) to focus on, but i have found that just the act of writing regularly has greatly improved the quality of my work and the rate at which i produce it. i’m working under the assumption that after i’ve written enough, the right area of focus will be clear in retrospect and help narrow things going forward. we’ll see if that works.

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