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the copyblogger podcast

the copyblogger podcast

by 日本vs新西兰哪里买球
the copyblogger podcast is a weekly show hosted by tim stoddart and ethan brooks. each week, we host a cast of rotating experts that analyze 2022世界杯12强赛程, copywriting, email marketing, conversion optimization, mindset, and much more.
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(real) strategies for paid communities
on this week’s episode, tim stoddart (@timstodz) and ethan brooks (@damn_ethan) talk about upcoming changes to the copyblogger paid community, how tim decided on those changes, and the lessons you can apply to your own paid products. they dive into business structure, the psychology of money, and strategies for wealth preservation after a financial windfall. cool stuff mentioned in the show tim’s article about upcoming changes to copyblogger tim’s agency clarity course the e-myth revisited rob dyrdek’s interview on the my first million show how rob dyrdek structures his assets for generational wealth (paywalled) the psychology of money sam parr’s copywriting course, copy that emily mills – illustrator and visual note taker for more great insights, check out… copyblogger academy where you’ll learn the 3 skills you need to become an effective content entrepreneur in today’s world. trends where you’ll find cutting-edge research on emerging business trends, plus hands-on advice on how to capitalize on them.… use code boatdrinks for the best discount available.
may 18, 2022
the 10k formula: how growth tools is helping entrepreneurs reach the milestone
in this week's episode, i sit down with will deshazo from growth tools.  we talk about how he has been able to help scale the growth tools business, and why their process is the perfect solution for any entreprenuer who has a goal making $10,000 a month.
may 12, 2022
lexi grant: can you sell your 5-figure biz?
on this week’s episode, tim stoddart (@timstodz) and ethan brooks (@damn_ethan) talk to lexi grant, founder of they got acquired. lexi is a media pro who’s started and sold several businesses. her newest company highlights entrepreneurs who sell for $100k - $50m. the trio talk about how to tell whether your business can be sold, and what the most important steps are to set yourself up for success there. cool stuff mentioned in the show check out our first episode where we break down how lexi launched tga here’s lexi’s interview with ryan on the intentional growth podcast don’t miss lexi’s interview with lauren gaggioli on the higher scores acquisition you can find lexi on twitter, check out more acquisition case studies on they got acquired, and tune into the podcast here (it’s great!) for more great insights, check out… copyblogger academy where you’ll learn the 3 skills you need to become an effective content entrepreneur in today’s world. trends where you’ll find cutting-edge research on emerging business trends, plus hands-on advice on how to capitalize on them.… use code boatdrinks for the best discount available.
may 04, 2022
a brilliant way to automate ad sales
on this week’s episode, tim stoddart (@timstodz) and ethan brooks (@damn_ethan) show you how josh spector automated thousands of dollars in ad sales each month for his newsletter, for the interested. you’ll also learn about a creative new business model called “sponsorware,” and how you can use it to make money from your google drive. cool stuff mentioned in the show you can find josh spector on twitter and check out his newsletter here here’s his ad sale page and the ecomm store he uses to manage inventory girlboss – the book tim mentioned about the founder of nasty gal sam parr’s approach to interviewing bankers this piece breaks down caleb porzio’s $100k+ sponsorware journey you can find caleb on twitter to keep up on his other cool projects for more great insights, check out… copyblogger academy where you’ll learn the 3 skills you need to become an effective content entrepreneur in today’s world. trends where you’ll find cutting-edge research on emerging business trends, plus hands-on advice on how to capitalize on them.… use code boatdrinks for the best discount available.
april 27, 2022
how to make thousands on a 1k person email list
on this week’s episode, tim stoddart (@timstodz) and ethan brooks (@damn_ethan) talk about how media veteran lexi grant landed her first 1k subscribers, then earned thousands from that list. the guys are also both working on product launches, and take you behind the scenes to talk about self doubt, idea validation, and how to allocate your energy across projects as a creator. cool stuff mentioned in the show sobernation staging site elon musk spacex documentary (return to space) mark zuckerberg’s interview with tim ferriss descript (the last amazing piece of software ethan has used) my first million: why it’s crazy to go for the olympics ethan’s twitter thread on anxiety steph smith, author of doing content right and doing time right steph’s test tweet (which led to the launch of her first book) a detailed breakdown of steph’s idea validation and launch process best self co case study on how brümate grew to $100m+ in 5 years the penny hoarder and the write life lexi grant’s new company, they got acquired lexi’s idea sharing on and indie hackers made in america by bill bryson our episode on how nathan barry grew from $1.5k mrr to $100k+ through personal outreach for more great insights, check out… copyblogger academy where you’ll learn the 3 skills you need to become an effective content entrepreneur in today’s world. trends where you’ll find cutting-edge research on emerging business trends, plus hands-on advice on how to capitalize on them.… use code boatdrinks for the best discount available.
april 19, 2022
ed latimore: how to make time work for you
on this week’s episode, tim stoddart (@timstodz) and ethan brooks (@damn_ethan) sat down with writer, internet entrepreneur, and heavyweight boxer ed latimore (@edlatimore) to discuss the art of building an audience, making money online, maturing as an entrepreneur, and the most effective way to meet entrepreneurs you admire. cool stuff mentioned in the show ed latimore’s twitter, blog, and newsletter ed’s twitter growth engine course package paul graham’s article on cities and ambition for more great insights, check out… copyblogger academy, where you’ll learn the 3 skills you need to become an effective content entrepreneur in today’s world. trends, where you’ll find cutting-edge research on emerging business trends, plus hands-on advice on how to capitalize on them.… use code boatdrinks for the best discount available.
april 13, 2022
behind the scenes
on this week’s episode, tim stoddart (@timstodz) and ethan brooks (@damn_ethan) take you behind the scenes for a real-time look at the re-launch of tim’s brand, sober nation. learn about opportunities in the lead-gen industry, how to price ad products, seo from a pro, and more. cool stuff mentioned in the show our episode on substack’s new app sober nation johnny robinson (the squeegee god) sem rush (use this to analyze your seo and find niches you can compete on) similarweb (use this to research your competitors’ traffic) lexi grant, former exec at the penny hoarder, built and sold the write life they got acquired for more great insights, check out… copyblogger academy where you’ll learn the 3 skills you need to become an effective content entrepreneur in today’s world. trends where you’ll find cutting-edge research on emerging business trends, plus hands-on advice on how to capitalize on them.… use code boatdrinks for the best discount available.
april 05, 2022
the choice to be remarkable
on this week’s episode, tim stoddart (@timstodz) and ethan brooks (@damn_ethan) talk about how to stand out. they look at unforgettable portfolios of copywriters, and break down the ideas you can use to make your own website or product stand out. cool stuff mentioned in the show here’s the tweet we discuss about how some people can imagine things in full color joe colman’s portfolio with the slider jon ryder’s portfolio full stop new paragraph trevor joplin’s portfolio her story tim ferriss’ recent interview with mark zuckerberg trends research on the growing birdwatching market (discount info below) for more great insights, check out… copyblogger academy where you’ll learn the 3 skills you need to become an effective content entrepreneur in today’s world. trends where you’ll find cutting-edge research on emerging business trends, plus hands-on advice on how to capitalize on them… use code boatdrinks for the best discount available.
march 31, 2022
what is the secret to writing high-performing content online?
for more great insights, check out…   copyblogger academy -, where you’ll learn the 3 skills you need to become an effective content entrepreneur in today’s world.   trends -, where you’ll find cutting-edge research on emerging business trends, plus hands-on advice on how to capitalize on them.
march 23, 2022
did substack nuke your email list?
on this week’s episode, tim stoddart (@timstodz) and ethan brooks (@damn_ethan) talk through the recent launch of substack’s new reading app, how it affects substack writers, and what you can do to protect yourself and keep growing your business. important: as mentioned in the show, we looked deeper into substack’s new functionality, and it appears writers do still get access to the email addresses of new subscribers who sign up via the app. that’s a big deal, and very pro-writer on substack’s part. however, our warnings still stand about building an audience on a centralized platform. cool stuff mentioned in the show substack’s announcement tim’s article about the new app ethan’s gpt3 moby dick article codie sanchez’s website mr. beast on joe rogan ross simmons on twitter reforge for more great insights, check out… copyblogger academy where you’ll learn the 3 skills you need to become an effective content entrepreneur in today’s world. trends where you’ll find cutting-edge research on emerging business trends, plus hands-on advice on how to capitalize on them.
march 16, 2022
on storytelling and conflict
on this week’s episode, tim stoddart (@timstodz) and ethan brooks (@damn_ethan) talk about the conflict unfolding in ukraine, and how storytelling is and always has been a keystone element in wars of all sorts – with stories from john steinbeck to martin luther king jr. the guys also talk about direct response writing, how it can be leveraged to support worthwhile causes, and some of 2020’s most brilliant ad campaigns. links from the show the copywriter who makes $300k/yr pompliano – bitcoin influencer martin luther king jr.’s stride toward freedom sober nation john steinbeck books: travels with charley once there was a war bombs away 2021 d&ad direct marketing awards diessel’s enjoy before returning campaign danish crown’s brilliant bacon ad for more great insights, check out… copyblogger academy where you’ll learn the 3 skills you need to become an effective content entrepreneur in today’s world. trends where you’ll find cutting-edge research on emerging business trends, plus hands-on advice on how to capitalize on them.
march 09, 2022
how convertkit went from $1.5k to $100k mmr in 12 months
on this week’s episode, tim stoddart (@timstodz) and ethan brooks (@damn_ethan) talk through the 10-step process nathan barry used to grow convertkit to $100k mmr after sales had stalled early on. once you understand it, you can use this process in your own business. it will help you attract more customers, understand their needs better, and ultimately, build products that scale your income. along the way, the guys add insights and stories from their own experience to help drive each point home. cool stuff mentioned in the show here’s the link to nathan barry’s twitter thread for more great insights, check out… copyblogger academy where you’ll learn the 3 skills you need to become an effective content entrepreneur in today’s world. trends where you’ll find cutting-edge research on emerging business trends, plus hands-on advice on how to capitalize on them
february 22, 2022
how to build referral programs + the “outlier algorithm"
are you planning a referral program to grow your audience? there’s a strategy to make it work. on this week’s episode, tim stoddart (@timstodz) and ethan brooks (@damn_ethan) talk about lessons learned from the godfather of referral programs, louis nicholls. nicholls is the co-founder of sparkloop*, the app that powers 7 of the 10 largest newsletter referral programs in the world. it’s been used by major players like tim ferriss and james clear to grow their audiences, and building it has given nicholls unique insight into what does and doesn’t work in referral marketing. tune in to learn: how big your audience should be before starting a referral program what kinds of engagement and conversion rates you can expect to see the psychology behind referral programs and how to target your “whales” how to choose prizes that work economically and more… the guys also dig into an interesting new framework called the “outlier algorithm” which can help you identify and pursue rare, high-value skills throughout your career. (*disclosure: tim invested in sparkloop back in the day) links to cool stuff mentioned in the show sparkloop aleyda solis’ seo fomo newsletter brennan dunn’s create and sell newsletter michael simmons’ piece on the “outlier algorithm” for more great insights, check out… copyblogger academy where you’ll learn the 3 skills you need to become an effective content entrepreneur in today’s world. trends where you’ll find cutting-edge research on emerging business trends, plus hands-on advice on how to capitalize on them.
february 16, 2022
khe hy: do you need help learning to say “no” in your work-life?
on this week’s episode, tim stoddart (@timstodz) and ethan brooks (@damn_ethan) talk to the “oprah for millennials,” khe hy about the skill of saying no, and how to build a high-performance remote startup team while surfing every day and raising a family. khe is the founder of rad reads, a media business that started as a newsletter and has branched out into courses and consulting. his flagship product, supercharge your productivity, helps students escape low-pay tasks, and teaches the skills of value-driven, high-leverage, “$10k work.” his team also offers b2b consulting, teaching companies the systems and tools needed to run effective remote teams. you can find him on twitter @khemaridh cool stuff mentioned in the show: why i’m giving up on solopreneurship for more great insights, check out… copyblogger academy where you’ll learn the 3 skills you need to become an effective content entrepreneur in today’s world. trends where you’ll find cutting-edge research on emerging business trends, plus hands-on advice on how to capitalize on them.
february 08, 2022
using paid advertising, giveaways, and influencers to grow your business
last week, we talked about growing your audience without paid advertising. however, we also talked about the value of having a budget and using that budget to grow. in this week's episode tim (@timstodz) and ethan (@damn_ethan) give some of their favorite examples of successful paid media and ethan breaks down the frameworks of how it all works.  don't forget to leave us a rating and subscribe to the show.
february 01, 2022
how to build an email list without paid marketing
on this week's episode, @timstodz and @damn_ethan talk about an interesting twitter thread that was written and published by alex garcia. both tim and ethan had some really interesting insights to this thread, and they added as much value as possible to teach you ow to build an email list and grow your audience without breaking the bank.
january 26, 2022
how to get clients, close deals, and get contracts signed
in this episode, @timstodz and @damn_ethan go deep into the strategies and tactics needed for generating new business and signing new clients. so much of online marketing is spent on getting attention. but what happens when you get people to your website? then what? if you're not converting your traffic into sales, then what's the point? in this episode, we go through the specific scripts, closing lines, and sales strategies that will get you more clients and help you close more deals.
january 19, 2022
creator coins: the risks, the rewards and the possibilities
in this week's episode, @timstodz and @damn_ethan deep dive into creator coins. what are they? how can they help creators monetize businesses? and what are the risks involved? it's tough to say where creator coins will end up. it's likely we will see creator coins (and other web3 innovations) become a more intrical part of the creator economy. but what are the downsides?  we go in depth and cover all the angles in this week's podcast. enjoy. :)
december 20, 2021
jay clouse: how creativity is your secret weapon for success
in today’s episode, we speak with the founder of creative elements, jay clouse. jay is a writer, a podcaster. and a community manager. jay’s podcast, creative elements, explores how remarkable creators found creative independence. through narrative interviews, jay dives into the nitty-gritty of how the world's best creators make a living from their art and creativity. in this episode, we talk about how jay works with entrepreneurs and how he uses creativity as a secret weapon that gives them a distinct advantage. we also go back and forth in a brainstorming session to try and find a title for one of my products, which was a fun exercise. lastly, we talk about jay’s framework for managing a successful membership site. jay is the manager of the smart passive income membership, and his advice to me was so helpful that i immediately took advantage and applied it to our own membership site, copyblogger pro. i loved this chat and i know you will too. please help me welcome jay clouse.
september 21, 2021
welcome to the soaring twenties with thomas bevan
in this week’s episode, i speak with  @thomas bevan. thomas is a writer and a crypto enthusiast. he writes a weekly column on  the commonplace. so much of the crypto world is built around hype, fomo, and excitement. yet, much is unknown about how crypto will impact our world and our digital economies. thomas writes a weekly article speculating what he thinks may happen, and how these changes are going to affect those of us who live in the creator economy. thomas makes a great comparison of this decade to the  “roaring  twenties.” there are many similarities. in the roaring twenties  (by that i mean the 1920’s) the united states was on the back end of the spanish flu pandemic and was on the tail end of world war i. as a partial result, we found ourselves in a rebellious new decade where art, finances, and capital was permeating the entire society. in our conversation, thomas and i speak about the similarities, and how crypto could lead to a similar decade, which he calls  “the  soaring twenties.” history doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme. please enjoy this wide-ranging conversation with thomas bevan.
september 13, 2021
pat walls: using seo to build starter story into a worldwide brand
in today’s episode, we speak with pat walls, the founder of starter story. story story has huge huge success over the last few years, and pat credits most of that success to good seo that leverages user-generated content. pat’s brand and his method of creating his business are one of a kind. one of the things i love about pat is that he is a scrappy entrepreneur. in this episode, we talk a lot about the mistakes he has made along the way, the experiments he has done, and the lessons he has learned. we also talk about how he has built a team of employees and also contractors that fulfill the roles needed at the time. finally, we finish the conversation talking about pats revenue models. it was really cool to listen to the evolution of the business and to learn about the trial and error process that pat leaned into that ultimately generates the most money and delivers the most value. pat was a great guest and i’m happy we got to talk. now please help me welcome, pat walls.
september 03, 2021
how to use leverage to grow your business at massive scale with eric jorgenson
a few months ago, i stumbled across the work of eric jorgenson. eric had recently published his best-selling book, entitled “the almanac of naval ravikant. in his book, eric breaks down and articulately conceptualizes the business concepts of leverage, which were introduced to him by a very popular twitter thread, written by naval ravikant. leverage is a word that gets thrown around a lot, but how do you actually define this concept? more importantly, how do you use leverage to generate massive scale in your business? these days, it’s not uncommon for a one-person business to generate a million dollars of revenue. it’s not uncommon for billion-dollar companies to only have 10-15 employees. how is this possible? in this episode, eric gives us an in-depth master class on leverage. in addition, we went through some of the specific modules in his course, and he gave us a behind-the-scenes look at the material he teaches. it’s a special privilege given to you as a member of the copyblogger community. eric is great. he’s generous, kind, and easy to talk to. check out his course at the link to his course is in the show notes of the podcast, which is found anywhere you listen to podcasts. i’m excited for you to listen to this episode. please help me welcome, eric jorgenson.
july 01, 2021
how curiosity and a low point in life helped create a global podcast with bilal zaidi
it’s easy to feel “on top of the world” when things are going well in life. inevitably, we all come across challenges and hardships. my guest today, used his hardships as inspiration to create one of the most popular podcasts of the time. bilal zaidi is the host of creator lab. bilal interviews world-class entrepreneurs in hopes to learn the skills, tips, and strategies that he can apply to his own business. of of the things i like most about bilal’s podcast is his curiosity. when bilal interviews guests, you can truly feel the curiosity and eagerness to learn, which is why he has booked guests such as gary vaynerchuk, daymond john, erika alexander, feresteh forough, dru riley, and more. i loved this conversation. bilal has a great personality and he was so generous with his experience and knowledge. you will level up by listening to this episode. please help me welcome, bilal zaidi. you can learn more about bilal at
june 24, 2021
how crypto is reshaping content entrepreneurship
hey everyone. welcome to the copyblogger podcast. my name is tim stoddart, thank you so much for joining me. this week’s episode is something different. copyblogger has always been dedicated to helping you build a better business by creating better content. the internet provides us all with an even playing field in which to write articles, serve our audience, and build a great business. but what happens when the fabric of the internet itself is changing. how do you adjust to such drastic changes, and stay ahead of the curve? to get to the bottom of some of these questions, i invited dror poleg onto the episode. dror writes a weekly newsletter at, and he writes about what the future of work will look like as blockchain, crypto currencies and nft’s will becomes an integral part of how we interact with each other and make transactions. in addition, dror has some very interesting ideas on how products will be created and sold. for instance, now that anything can be tokenized, what is to stop entrepreneurs from selling services and products that are broken down to each level. what if you could write a sentence of copy, and be paid through an nft? what is gestures, or even good behavior can be rewarded through digital tokens on the blockchain? it’s a fascinating topic, and i am so thrilled dror took the time to speak with us. he’s a brilliant mind and i look forward to reading his newsletter every week. as content marketers, it’s important we keep up with the times. with that, please help me welcome dror poleg.
june 02, 2021
rohan gilkes: how to build a 7 figure business by going local
hello and welcome to the copyblogger podcast. my name is tim stoddart. thank you so much for joining me. too often, young entrepreneurs jump headfirst into industries and markets that have cut throat competition. how many of you are dreaming of starting the next tiktok or the next facebook? more often then not, the million dollar business idea is sitting right outside your front door, waiting to be discovered. local service businesses are the lifeblood of our economy, they are also the easiest and most opportunistic entry points for aspiring entrepreneurs. in this episode, i sit down with successful entrepreneur, rohan gilkes, and we go in depth on the tactics and strategies you need to start building your local business right now. rohan got his start by building a multi million dollar cleaning business. now, he helps other entrepreneurs build local service business by teaching them the model he has used over and over again. in addition, rohan has stepped out of the local market to create a saas company, of which he exited with partners. in this conversation, rohan and i talk about where the opportunities are in the local markets, why this is the best place to start, and how these small industries have such tremendous upside. rohan was a great guest, and i loved our conversation. you will learn so much from this interview. please help me welcome my new friend, rohan gilkes.
june 01, 2021
anne-laure le cunff: how great writing helped build a thriving community business
hey everyone. welcome to the copyblogger podcast. my name is tim stoddart (@timstodz), thank you so much for joining me. today is an exciting day. after a year of hiatus, i am starting the copyblogger podcast back up. we've had an exciting year with the launch of copyblogger pro. our online business community is thriving and the results our members are seeing has been a priority. in addition, we launched digital commerce partners, which is an industry leading content and seo agency, dedicated to help entrepreneurs market their products and make more money. things are in full swing, and the time has come to bring back our podcast. the copyblogger podcast is returning with a familiar format. i will be interviewing the worlds most successful online entrepreneurs, and dissecting the tricks, habits and processes that has helped them establish profitable online businesses. each episode of the copyblogger podcast will be published on youtube. it's an exciting time for online entrepreneurship, and i can't be more excited about this week's guest. my guest this week is anne-laure le cunff. she's the founder of ness labs, which is an online platform and dedicated to helping you build a lab for your mind with neuroscience-based content and conversations. in this episode, anne-laure and i speak about her writing process and why she thinks ness labs has been so successful. we talk about her plans to grow an in person community, and why building her newsletter has been one of the best business choices she has made. anne-laure is intelligent and honest. i had a great time speaking with her. she gives so many tips and pointers to help you become a better writer, a better marketer, and help you grow a bigger more profitable business. with that, please help me welcome, anne-laure le cunff.
may 19, 2021
why building the right team is so critical, with aurélien amacker of
founder of, aurélien amacker, spoke with host darrell vesterfelt about his early life as a struggling blogger and digital marketer, his first $500k product launch, and mistakes he’s learned from along the way to online success. aurelian amacker spent over a year, tens of thousands of euros, and lots of blood, sweat, and tears before he found the right formula (and team) for his popular software as a service, now used by thousands of customers to launch and run their own online businesses. in this episode, darrell and aurelian discussed: the tools aurélien used to build a list of over 10,000 email subscribers for his first product launch (and why it was so stressful) why he chose to move away from the “product launch formula” 3 questions to ask yourself before taking a big financial gamble why building the right team from the start is so important and much more! the show notes aurélien amacker on twitter darrell on twitter
july 15, 2020
twitter's secret game-changer, google image seo, pandemic pivots, and sound affiliate advice
hosts darrell and tim dig into the ins-and-outs of the much-anticipated return of my.copyblogger, geek-out on recent chatter in the world of 2022世界杯12强赛程, and answer more of your online marketing questions. this week’s 2022世界杯12强赛程 roundup includes news on the leak about twitter’s secretive subscription service, how google images plans to utilize more data to drive search traffic, the reality of "pandemic fatigue" for content marketers, and the guys answered your question about how to start to monetize an audience. in this episode, darrell and tim also talked about: the return of copyblogger’s membership program and all the specs the value of twitter for content marketers and its bright future how google images may become a search referral source via seo the great covid-19 conference cancellation spree and staying flexible in tough times and where to start when you’re ready to monetize your platform the show notes convertkit — audience building for creators drop your questions here: join the my.copyblogger waitlist, and be the first to know! twitter stock jumps on potential subscription platforms google creates a new way to drive traffic via image search darrell on twitter tim on twitter
july 14, 2020
the 'awesomeness' factor, a renaissance for curated newsletters, and the right content frequency
learn how to sign up for the waitlist to my.copyblogger and a free 2022世界杯12强赛程 workshop with sonia simone! this week hosts darrell and tim also nerd out on seo, newsletters, the future of online marketing, and answer more of your questions. recent chatter in the world of 2022世界杯12强赛程 includes why “awesomeness” is now a google ranking factor, the bright future for content marketers, and the guys answered your question about how frequently to publish content to your blog. in this episode, darrell and tim also talked about: a teaser for the return of my.copyblogger and … the key to marketing or selling anything why building something of value for your audience is (still) so important the power of curated newsletters for content marketers and finding the sweet spots for your content, schedule, and promotion balance the show notes convertkit — audience building for creators drop your questions here: join the my.copyblogger waitlist, and be the first to know! the key to marketing or selling anything — a free workshop with sonia simone: date: july 8,2020 time: 3 p.m. central time duration: 60 minutes cost: free! what 20 years of google algorithm updates say about what seos should focus on next — — newsletter darrell on twitter tim on twitter
july 06, 2020
shopify vs amazon, busting the myth of success, and the right way to use medium
this week hosts darrell and tim teased a powerful new platform for content creators, current happenings in online marketing, and answer more of your questions. recent chatter in the world of 2022世界杯12强赛程 includes the launch of convertkit’s upcoming ecommerce solution (convertkit commerce), shopify’s big play, why success isn’t linear, and the guys answered your question about how to use medium for 2022世界杯12强赛程. in this episode, darrell and tim also talked about: why convertkit’s latest tool will make life easier for digital marketers (and ruffle some competitor’s feathers) shopify’s plans to take on amazon how to build resiliency on the path to success why the journey is the destination and the right way to use medium to drive traffic the show notes convertkit — audience building for creators drop your questions here: convertkit commerce waitlist shopify goes after amazon with new walmart deal — axios 7 unusual signs on the path to a breakthrough — stefanie flaxman consistency will take you further, podcast episode with matt ragland darrell on twitter tim on twitter
june 29, 2020
consent-based email, economic trends for ecommerce, and seo for service businesses
hosts darrell vesterfelt and tim stoddart return to announce the release of their new monster 2022世界杯12强赛程 guide, discuss recent developments in online marketing, and to answer more of your questions. darrell and tim discussed an intriguing new “consent-based” email solution, economic trends for ecommerce retail and info products, and answered your question about seo for service businesses. in this episode, darrell and tim also talked about: why 2022世界杯12强赛程 looks so different from 10 years ago how to fight off spammers who have turned your inbox into a dumpster fire the pros and cons of recent online privacy and email marketing practices a primer in writing great content for localized services and why good seo is a combo of common sense and answering people’s questions the show notes convertkit — audience building for creators drop your questions here: copyblogger’s seo masterclass hey email tool (by basecamp) record jump in retail sales sends stocks higher, but fed chief warns economic recovery remains uncertain — the washington post ahrefs semrush darrell on twitter tim on twitter
june 25, 2020
sms vs email, how to leverage social media (the right way), and the content tipping point
copyblogger partners darrell vesterfelt and tim stoddart are back with a big thank you, more 2022世界杯12强赛程 news, and to answer more of your questions. darrell and tim discussed upcoming master-classes, current developments in online marketing, and answered a question about how to keep going when you’ve built your email list but can’t seem to sell them anything. in this episode, darrell and tim also talked about: is sms marketing giving email a run for its money? why building your online business on your own platform is (still) so important how to think about facebook and google in your marketing strategy a simple tool for publishing your paid newsletter why patience, consistency, and good writing are all keys to selling online and the only hack you’ll ever need the show notes convertkit — audience building for creators drop your questions here register here for our live q&a on thurs. 06/18/2020 text messaging is the most effective marketing channel most retail brands aren’t using facebook adds wikipedia knowledge boxes in search results digital sharecropping: the most dangerous threat to your 2022世界杯12强赛程 strategy substack consistency will take you further — ep with matt ragland endure long enough to get noticed | nathan barry darrell on twitter tim on twitter
june 17, 2020
amazon slashes affiliate rates and how to create content during a crisis
copyblogger partners darrell vesterfelt and tim stoddart return with a new sound to kick off the fresh format of the show and tease what’s in store for the community. darrell and tim discussed the upcoming re-launch of an old favorite, current events in 2022世界杯12强赛程, and answered some of your burning questions. in this episode, darrell and tim also talked about: how copyblogger is changing up their podcast format a recap on what the community has learned in recent master classes the big reveal for the new my.copyblogger community and how to get on the wait list how amazon proved to be the just another ecommerce “bully” why building your business and email list on your terms (and platform) is so important how youtube plans to crack down on viral misinformation and why empathy is the most important tool you can use right now the show notes convertkit — audience building for creators drop your questions here: amazon slashes commission rates for program that gives publishers a cut of sales — cnbc expanding fact checks on youtube to the united states darrell on twitter tim on twitter
june 11, 2020
rand fishkin on the future of 2022世界杯12强赛程
the cofounder and ceo of sparktoro, rand fishkin, took a timeout to speak with host darrell vesterfelt about his current mission to help content creators reach the right audiences (without wasting money), how to create empathetic content during a pandemic, and why you need help amplifying your message. rand fishkin is the co-founder of sparktoro, and previously co-founder of moz and he’s also the author of lost and founder: a painfully honest field guide to the startup world. in this episode, darrell and rand discussed: how digital marketers can utilize rand’s latest amplification tools why you (still) need to think of your business or brand as a media organization first the larger goal of building an audience that knows, likes, and trusts you a sea change in how to think about the future of 2022世界杯12强赛程 and much more! the show notes sparktoro want your content to succeed? make it resonate with the right audience (no, not that one). how to use your first ten sparktoro searches rand fishkin on twitter darrell on twitter
june 08, 2020
how to get (and keep) clients in uncertain times, featuring leah neaderthal
the sales coach and founder of smart gets paid, leah neaderthal, returned to talk with host darrell vesterfelt about how to mentally and practically approach your business in these trying and uncertain times (and why you might not need to “pivot”). in this week’s conversation, darrell and leah go into more in-depth strategies to “… master business development,” and keep those critical clients happy during times when everyone has a heightened sense of anxiety and fear. in this episode, darrell and leah discussed: how leah started her own business … right on the heels of a recession the two most important marketing tools to laser-focus right now why your clients need “painkillers, not vitamins” how you should view your pipeline and client’s buying behaviors why it’s more important than ever to be visible and valuable creative solutions for making yourself the safest option how to provide a sense of stability for your clients (past, present, and future) and much more! the show notes smart gets paid leah neaderthal on linkedin darrell on twitter
april 13, 2020
the advantage of email marketing, featuring nathan barry of convertkit
convertkit founder and ceo, nathan barry, returned to the podcast this week and joined host darrell vesterfelt to talk about how he got his start, the competitive advantage of email marketing, and the future of email. nathan barry founded his company to help founders, creators, and digital marketers serve their audiences better with email … and earn a living doing it. convertkit is an “email marketing company for creators” that offers its users powerful segmentation and automation tools without a lot of resources to implement. in this week’s episode, darrell and nathan dig into email marketing from beginner to advanced, including: nathan’s early views on digital marketing and why his core values haven’t changed how to build your audience (the right way) why “teach everything you know,” and “work in public,” are still nathan’s mottos the right time to build a product or sell something to your email list why email is still the central hub for building your business and best practices for cleaning your list the show notes nathan’s website nathan on twitter converkit the future belongs to creators [podcast] resources mentioned: article: the ladders of wealth creation: a step-by-step roadmap to building wealth article: endure long enough to get noticed article: be everywhere: building a profitable brand by thinking outside the blog by pat flynn darrell on twitter tim on twitter
march 30, 2020
how to write content that resonates, featuring stefanie flaxman
copyblogger’s editor-in-chief, stefanie flaxman, joined host darrell vesterfelt this week to talk about translating the traffic that comes to your website and how to create compelling content to keep them there. stef is a professional writer and editor who manages the editorial calendar for, where she helps publish one of “… the most popular [and influential] 2022世界杯12强赛程 and writing blog[s]…,” for a very large audience of online writers and entrepreneurs. in this week’s conversation, darrell and stefanie dig into her mission to help create content that persuades, converts, and helps fellow online marketers stand out from the competition. in this episode, darrell and stefanie talked about: how to get started creating compelling content that resonates with your audience why understanding your customer is the foundation for attracting and keeping their attention how to return to a younger version of yourself to build empathy the secrets for beating content writer’s block and lifting your content to the next level why your writing needs to be clear, detailed, and written with a specific person in mind the counterintuitive methods for writing hyper-specific content and much more! the show notes free workshop — how to transform your writing into content that gets shared meticulously edit your own writing: the traffic light revision technique attract better clients and customers with the ‘chuckle point’ technique why content marketers need editors darrell on twitter tim on twitter
march 16, 2020
how to conquer your fear of selling, with leah neaderthal
the founder of smart gets paid and sales coach for women entrepreneurs, leah neaderthal, joined host darrell vesterfelt this week to talk about strategies to “… master business development and land higher-paying consulting clients.” in this week’s conversation, darrell and leah dig into her unique methodology, the how of selling, and untangling the myths of doing effective client work. in this episode, darrell and leah talked about: how leah overcame introversion and her fears of selling the “signed” methodology she discovered from reading 65 books related to the sales process why you need to understand the fundamentals of your sales pipeline how to talk about what you do as a value proposition why asking smarter questions is at the heart of closing the difference between good clients and bad clients why recognizing commitment bias can save you time and money and much more! the show notes smart gets paid leah neaderthal on linkedin darrell on twitter tim on twitter
march 09, 2020
how to build remarkable products to grow your business, with ramit sethi
this week on the copyblogger podcast, tim stoddart had the opportunity to speak with entrepreneur, new york times bestselling author, and founder of, ramit sethi. in this week’s conversation, tim and ramit dig into tricks for great copywriting, going for “big wins” to move the needle in your life and business, and product development that serves your audience better. in this episode, tim and ramit talked about: how ramit defines a “rich life” and the origins of the concept of “big wins” $3 questions vs. $30,000 questions the myth of shrinking attention spans and the value of long-form copy why you need to challenge your own assumptions about the best channels for your business suggestions on how to get started and much more! the show notes how to write emails that get opened with ramit sethi the briefcase technique earnable – ramit on twitter ramit on instagram darrell on twitter tim on twitter
march 02, 2020
what you should talk about on your podcast, with tara mcmullin
welcome back to the copyblogger podcast, and this week darrell vesterfelt speaks with podcasting expert tara mcmullin about the ins and outs of podcast production for content marketers. in this week’s conversation, darrell and tara dive into what you should be talking about on your podcast, and how you can use content strategy to drive business growth. in this episode, darrell and tara talked about: how tara got into podcasting the importance of pivoting for podcasters how to decide what content resonates most with your audience why you need to start your podcast content strategy with the right questions how to use your value proposition to determine the premise of your show why the positioning of your podcast is so critical to discovery suggestions to overcome analysis paralysis and much, much more! the show notes tara’s website tara on twitter tara’s podcast get tara’s “podcast premise worksheet” at yellow house media “the elements of value” – harvard business review darrell on twitter tim on twitter
february 17, 2020
how to win at search in 2020
this week, copyblogger partners darrell vesterfelt and tim stoddart returned to talk about the importance and opportunities of seo for today’s content marketers. in this conversation, darrell and tim get back-to-basics to discuss the power behind search for businesses. in this episode, darrell and tim talked about: why it’s a mistake to ignore the basics of seo the importance of establishing yourself as an authority how to set yourself apart from your competition through positioning tools that any good seo needs to utilize 3 fundamental things you can do to make google love your website commonly undervalued strategies for building your backlink profile keys to proper site and content structure for optimal seo location-based search and google my business for beginners and a teaser for a free seo workshop by copyblogger the show notes darrell on twitter tim on twitter free seo workshop backlinks article tools mentioned: google analytics google search console google my business sem rush (7-day pro trial) ahrefs yoast
february 10, 2020
how to turn pro as a freelance writer
darrell had the opportunity to interview guest ed gandia — from high-income business writing — on what it takes to go pro as a freelancer. in this conversation, ed talks about the power of copywriting, clear goals, pain points and strategies for freelancers, and why he created a coaching business to “help writers … earn more in less time doing work they love for better clients.” in this episode, darrell and ed talked about: how ed transitioned to a full-time freelance copywriter (with no writing background) the moment he narrowed down to his target market and the rapid change that followed what your prospects really want to know about you short-term vs long-term mindset, and building a freelance career that you love why “hope” is not a professional strategy proven strategies for building recurring income and clients why luck is a myth, and why you should never trade your time for money and much more … the show notes high-income business writing high-income business writing podcast follow ed on twitter darrell on twitter tim on twitter darrell on tim’s podcast
february 03, 2020
how you talk to people matters: marketing segmentation and personalization, with brennan dunn of rightmessage
darrell interviews brennan dunn, the founder of the popular online course double your freelancing rate, and the software rightmessage. in this conversation, brennan talks about how we naturally use segmentation and personalization in our everyday lives, and how we can use simple tools to create a better connection and build trust with our audience. in this episode, darrell and brennan talked about: how brennan got his start as an online entrepreneur why you may not be doing as much segmentation and personalization as you need to be how vertical and horizontal tweaks to your funnel can help you build a better relationship with your list why rightmessage is like madlibs for your email marketing the staggering difference personalized content can make for your brand tips and tricks on how and where to get started why personalization is so much more than email and more … the show notes follow brennan on twitter read brennan’s blog take brennan’s courses at double your freelancing sign-up for right message why you shouldn’t use tags to segment other tools we talked about: sign-up for convertkit typeform darrell on twitter tim on twitter darrell on tim’s podcast
january 27, 2020
podcasting still matters, with pat flynn from smart passive income
in this episode, darrell talks with pat flynn from smart passive income about why it’s not too late to start a podcast, and why it’s one of his favorite 2022世界杯12强赛程 platforms. these days it seems like everyone has a podcast, but there are some pretty staggering stats that show podcasting is just as viable for connecting with an audience as it ever has been. in this episode, darrell and pat talked about: how pat got his start in podcasting, and why why its not too late to start a podcast the reason you don’t need to break the bank or get in the weeds launching your show why podcast production gets easier by the minute the power of storytelling and teaching in content production how pat’s podcast strategy has changed over the years and the 20% rule he uses an examination of super fans and their importance for your business and a defense of self-publishing the show notes pat’s website follow pat on twitter pat’s youtube channel pat’s podcast (smart passive income) pat’s podcast (ask pat) pat’s course, power up podcasting darrell on twitter tim on twitter
january 21, 2020
the new look copyblogger in 2020
copyblogger partners darrell vesterfelt and tim stoddart use this episode to talk more specifically about the new 2022世界杯12强赛程 plan for 2020. darrell and tim also also share strategies from behind the scenes. in this episode, darrell and tim talked about: how copyblogger is restructuring its content and how why traditional 2022世界杯12强赛程 distribution is outdated the renewed importance of “series-style” content why user experience and serving your audience is still priority #1 tips, tricks, and the technical side of strategic seo how a couple of dynamite pieces of content can completely change your inbound traffic why 90% of your content will never be seen (and how to change that) successful examples of modern content strategy, and a teaser for the new copyblogger member opportunity the show notes convertkit blog darrell on twitter tim on twitter darrell on tim’s podcast
january 14, 2020
new year, new copyblogger
in this episode, darrell and brian share about a new change to copyblogger media, and expose some of their exciting plans for the future of copyblogger in 2020! brian, darrell, and tim stoddart also explore the future of 2022世界杯12强赛程. in this episode, brian, darrell, and tim talked about: how copyblogger’s hierarchy and business model... listen to episode
january 08, 2020
the self-reliant entrepreneur, with john jantsch
in this episode, darrell talks to john jantsch — the founder of duct tape marketing — about his new book titled the self-reliant entrepreneur. the two talk extensively about the why behind entrepreneurship, and how writers like emerson and thoreau give lessons to modern-day entrepreneurs. in this episode, darrell and john talked about: where john... listen to episode
october 23, 2019
consistency will take you further
in this episode, darrell talks with matt ragland, the director of customer success for podia. darrell and matt ragland dive into more thoughts about online education, matt shares his story of building an audience, and the time-tested secret that helped him get to more than 35,000 subscribers today. in this episode, darrell and matt talked... listen to episode
october 02, 2019
the past, present, and future of online learning
in this episode, brian clark and darrell vesterfelt talk about the past, present, and future of online education. brian shares about his most recent product and launch, and he and darrell compare notes on how things have changed over the years. in this episode, brian and darrell talked about: what inspired brian to launch a... listen to episode
september 25, 2019
how to get more of the right things done
productivity coach charlie gilkey talks about going from ideas to completed projects — and how to take a more balanced approach to getting it all done. we all have amazing ideas for projects. what we don’t all have is amazing finished projects. charlie gilkey is on a mission to help you out with that. in... listen to episode
september 16, 2019
why the future is still email
in this episode brian clark and darrell vesterfelt dive deep into the topic of email. think email is an outdated tool? think again. after learning some interesting data, you might reconsider past conceptions about the most powerful tool on the internet. in this episode, brian and darrell talked about: why email isn’t even close to... listen to episode
september 09, 2019
what’s next for copyblogger media?
in this episode, brian clark hosts the copyblogger fm podcast for the first time, and reveals — among other things — why he’s returning to copyblogger and aiming to reinvent it along with new partner darrell vesterfelt. brian shares some exciting news about the future of copyblogger media, along with his co-host and new business... listen to episode
september 03, 2019
how smart, nimble companies are using webinars today
copywriter and webinar strategist beth hayden talks about some of the most effective ways companies are using webinars. some people feel that webinars seem a bit old-fashioned. but there are a lot of fresh, effective ways that smart companies are using webinars for lead generation, prospect maturation, and customer retention … as well as getting... listen to episode
august 26, 2019
the clarity method: a conversation with tim brownson
tim brownson talks about how we can use our values to design our businesses and make wiser decisions. tim brownson has been coaching (and teaching coaches) for decades. in that time he discovered that working with clients’ values is one of the most useful tools for change. his new book, the clarity method, explains his... listen to episode
august 19, 2019
digital business trends and the latest on the rainmaker platform
challenges and opportunities for content-driven business in 2019 and beyond … and a new look at a 2022世界杯12强赛程 platform. ed bardwell, president and new owner of rainmaker digital services, dropped by to talk about digital marketing and advertising, as well as 2022世界杯12强赛程 and business trends that are informing site design. and he talked... listen to episode
august 12, 2019
4 ‘naive’ business principles for enduring success
ever been told you’re “too nice” to run a business? yeah, i’m gonna call bs on that. i can’t tell you how many times i’ve been told i lack the “killer instinct” to run a successful business. all i can say is, i’ve been very happy with the success of copyblogger and my other businesses.... listen to episode
august 05, 2019
how to write an epic blog post, part 3: polishing and promotion
part three of our series: how to polish and promote an epic blog post or other piece of remarkable content. you’ve got your first draft of a solid, dare we say “epic” piece of content. now it’s time to polish it to perfection, and promote it for the widest possible audience. that’s what i cover... listen to episode
july 08, 2019
how to write an epic blog post, part 2: getting it written
part two of our series: how to write an epic blog post or other piece of remarkable content. ok, you’ve assembled a pile of research and done some careful thinking, and now it’s time to write. now what? you may have heard the advice to “tell them what you’re going to say, then say it,... listen to episode
july 01, 2019
how to write an epic blog post, part 1: thinking and research
new series! part one: how to prepare to write an epic blog post or other piece of remarkable content. what’s the best antidote to the glut of content? better content. much better content. this episode is the start of a three-part series on how to write a genuinely remarkable piece of content. in this 18-minute... listen to episode
june 24, 2019
3 almost magical headline ingredients for more traffic, engagement, and shares
want to do a little bit of work and see really good results with your content? make some time to learn about crafting great headlines. copyblogger has long been known for its articles about headlines, and today i’m going to share three “nearly magic” ingredients that will start getting your content more engagement and shares.... listen to episode
june 17, 2019
lessons any business can learn from an impressive influencer marketing fail
has the “influencer bubble” really burst? maybe, but … probably not this week i’m talking about some real-life lessons any business owner or marketer can learn from a very public marketing fail. instagram personality arii shows 2.6 million followers … but couldn’t sell 36 t-shirts. is this the beginning of the end for influencer marketing... listen to episode
june 10, 2019
13 ways of looking at a headline
having a hard time coming up with headline ideas? here are 13 tweaks, prompts, and hacks to keep you moving. we’re working on headlines this month for our copyblogger content challenge — but sometimes it’s really hard to come up with ideas! fortunately, there are lots of structures out there you can use to spark... listen to episode
june 03, 2019
the 7 ‘bad’ habits of incredibly successful people
it turns out those successful people you admire aren’t always so perfect. we love to give advice about all of the good habits you should be cultivating as a marketer and businessperson. but in the real world, a lot of actual successful people have plenty of “bad” habits. i don’t advocate adopting any of these,... listen to episode
may 27, 2019
writers: how to move from making a living to driving revenue
are you writing for a paycheck … or to create revenue for your organization? professional writers make a living. conversion writers generate revenue. a lot of otherwise capable writers are a little fuzzy about how the words they write actually generate money that an organization can spend. in this 17-minute episode, i talk about: why... listen to episode
may 20, 2019
choose the right frame to boost the power of your content
looking to create a much greater impact with your content? start by understanding how it’s framed. it’s a little early for a book club episode, but i just read the new edition of george lakoff’s don’t think of an elephant, and i was blown away by the simplicity and power of his ideas. in this... listen to episode
may 13, 2019
how copywriting teacher belinda weaver reenergized her email list for massive engagement
some advice from rainmaker digital services spun copywriter and teacher belinda weaver into a surprising new direction with her content. when our colleague robert bruce told me about some advice he’d given copywriter belinda weaver, and that she was seeing great success with it, i knew i wanted to have her on copybloggerfm to tell... listen to episode
may 06, 2019
3 reasons why really good writers sometimes can’t find great clients
three ways that good writers can find the great clients they deserve. it really does break my heart to see a terrific writer who can’t find those wonderful writing clients — the ones who have interesting work to do, and the budget to pay for great execution. in this 13-minute session, i talk about: why... listen to episode
april 29, 2019
3 slightly embarrassing emotions that drive effective copywriting
speaking to your prospects’ emotional brains isn’t manipulative — it’s just good communication. copywriters have known it for many decades, and brain researchers have started to find the evidence to support it: humans make decisions with our emotions first, then justify those decisions with logic. today i talk about three charged (or even potentially embarrassing)... listen to episode
april 22, 2019
get 10 2022世界杯12强赛程 boosters in 20 minutes
“document your 2022世界杯12强赛程 strategy” can sound about as exciting as “buy new socks.” improving your 2022世界杯12强赛程 strategy might not feel like the most fun thing you’ll do this week, but if you want all of that content to actually help meet your business goals, it’s an important place to put your focus. it... listen to episode
april 15, 2019
becoming the ‘chief empathy officer’ of your copy and content
the lines between content and copywriting, and why you want to make yourself the “chief empathy officer” for your audience. today i wanted to talk about some distinctions that have been on my mind lately — the differences between crafting content and writing copy for conversion, and how much of ourselves to put into our... listen to episode
april 08, 2019
one of the most important marketing decisions you’ll ever make
while no single tactic is a “magic bullet” for your 2022世界杯12强赛程, this one comes pretty close. rainmaker digital’s robert bruce comes back on the show this week to talk about the easy-to-miss essential element he always looks for when he’s reviewing a client’s 2022世界杯12强赛程 strategy. (the good news is, it’s relatively easy to... listen to episode
april 01, 2019
what nobody wants to hear about 2022世界杯12强赛程
the key to marketing success isn’t the latest shiny tactic. it’s making sure that your tactics are resting on solid strategy. everyone wants “the magic bullet” that will give them the audience, traffic, and revenue they want. but there is no magic bullet. rainmaker digital’s robert bruce rejoins us this week to talk about the... listen to episode
march 18, 2019
getting your big, scary projects finished: a conversation about growing gills
a look into why it’s so hard to move forward with creative work this week i was so pleased to be able to connect with jessica abel, author of growing gills: how to find creative focus when you’re drowning in your daily life. in this 34-minute episode, jessica and i talk about: business (especially digital... listen to episode
march 11, 2019
when is it time to bring in a professional copywriter?
is it better to do all of your own copywriting and 2022世界杯12强赛程, or to bring in a pro? we teach so much copywriting technique and strategy at copyblogger that you might think anyone could “diy” their own content and copy. but that ain’t necessarily so. even if you’re a business owner who loves to... listen to episode
march 04, 2019
using content to systematically move prospects toward a purchase
prospects need to be at the right stage of awareness before they can move forward with a purchase. and 2022世界杯12强赛程 is a superb way to get them there. today, i touch on some specific ways that 2022世界杯12强赛程 can pave the way for excellent conversion. in this 18-minute episode, i talk about: how strategic... listen to episode
february 25, 2019
understanding the lifecycles of your website, with pamela wilson
there’s a huge volume of 2022世界杯12强赛程 advice out there — but most of it only applies to certain sites. pamela wilson joins us to talk about “content lifecyles” of websites, and how to know precisely what to focus on for your site, depending on where you are today. our one-time colleague pamela wilson literally... listen to episode
february 18, 2019
5 ways to manage a stress-induced creative slump
stressed out? anxious? just out of sorts? stress can wreck havoc with your creative productivity. here are some thoughts on how to manage it. these are stressful times, and you’ve probably noticed that it’s hard to be your best self when you feel crummy. learning gets difficult, energy levels sink, and good habits start to... listen to episode
february 11, 2019
3 ways strategic content can drive measurable business outcomes
creating excellent content is expensive — in time, money, or both. make sure your 2022世界杯12强赛程 strategy is driving real business results. too many businesses think of blog posts and podcasts as a “fluffy” nice-to-have. but 2022世界杯12强赛程 can drive real business results — and if you’re going to put the work in, there’s no... listen to episode
february 04, 2019
the social media platform every content creator should be using in 2019 (nope, it’s not facebook)
think you know what linkedin is all about? today’s conversation with amber naslund may get you seeing the platform in a new way. amber naslund is a writer, speaker, veteran content and social media strategist, and co-author of the best-selling the now revolution. she’s also the new senior 2022世界杯12强赛程 evangelist at linkedin. once known... listen to episode
january 28, 2019
real talk about generating high-quality content
thoughts on how to create really good content … without a huge team or an unlimited budget content strategist ronell smith joins us this week to talk about how to tackle high-quality content … even if you don’t have all the time and money in the world. in this 29-minute episode, i chat with ronell... listen to episode
january 21, 2019
a conversation with paul jarvis about staying a ‘company of one’
we often take it as a given that businesses should always grow — but is that really true? writer, designer, podcaster, and software creator paul jarvis has a lot of experience with all kinds of business. he’s written a thought-provoking new book called company of one, about the assumption that “bigger is always better,” and... listen to episode
january 14, 2019
the 3 plus 1 foundational elements of effective persuasion
the foundation you choose for your persuasive copy can make all the difference. i’m sometimes asked — do i think that high-priced copywriting courses are worth the money? often the answer is absolutely yes. but it’s really important to make sure you’re building advanced techniques on the right foundation. in this 17-minute episode, i talk... listen to episode
october 29, 2018
5 essential copywriting techniques from copyblogger
if marketing or content strategy plays any role in your professional life, you need to understand copywriting. here are five of our most important bits of advice for writing that persuades. persuasive copywriting is a big part of what copyblogger is all about. in this episode, i pull a few posts out of our archive,... listen to episode
october 22, 2018
5 ways to recover your professional and creative confidence
“the big distinction here is to see confidence as an ability that you keep getting better at.” – dan sullivan ever have a wobble in confidence? ever have trouble moving forward with a project, because you’re just not sure you’re good enough to create value? in this 15-minute episode, i talk about: the real source... listen to episode
october 15, 2018
5 stinky sardine secrets to make your content more fascinating
how to stand out in a sea of boring content? it might be time to get stinky … 2022世界杯12强赛程 only works if your content is interesting enough to make people want to read, listen to, or watch it. so how can we make our content more fascinating? you can start by thinking about what... listen to episode
october 08, 2018
the mindset ‘hack’ that frees your creativity and makes you happier
sometimes the difference between success and frustrating failure is just a question of mindset. carol dweck’s book mindset hit me like a brain-bomb some years back, and from time to time i like to share the love. in this 16-minute session, i talk about: the two mindsets that control how you react to adversity when... listen to episode
september 24, 2018
how to kill your sales and mess up your business: lessons from a used car salesman
when does traditional sales advice actually push prospects further away? we’re returning this week to selling … the effective kind, and the other kind. in this 25-minute episode, i talk about: stereotypical “used car salesman” techniques that can wreck your sales why hiding your prices can make you invisible to the clients and customers you... listen to episode
september 18, 2018
the 7 things writers need to make a (good) living
ever been frustrated by the daunting task of making a (really good) living as a writer? i have some thoughts on what it takes … your friends and family might think you’re nuts for pursuing it, but it’s more possible than ever to make a good living as a writer — but (in my opinion),... listen to episode
september 04, 2018
are you making these social media marketing mistakes?
busting social media marketing myths with social media lab’s scott ayres. social media marketing is one of those topics that invites a lot of lore: snippets of advice that get passed around that don’t really match up with objective reality. agorapulse thought this was a great opportunity, and they launched the social media lab podcast.... listen to episode
august 27, 2018
fix these 7 about page mistakes for more traffic and (possibly) better seo
“you’re so vain … you probably think your about page is about you …” a recent google update has a lot of sites looking to improve their about pages. (we’ll talk more about that update in a future episode.) about pages are pretty simple — but that doesn’t mean people don’t sometimes screw them up.... listen to episode
august 20, 2018
7 ways to boost your creativity
there’s so much 2022世界杯12强赛程 out there that’s perfectly ok … but it lacks creative spark. here are some ways you can get more vitality into your blog posts, videos, and podcasts. when we write, day-in and day-out, it’s easy for things to get a little stale. in this 16-minute episode, i talk about some... listen to episode
august 13, 2018
a 10-step ‘checklist’ for your 2022世界杯12强赛程 site
have a new content site, or an existing site that needs more focus? here’s a “checklist” of 10 things to keep in mind. whether you’re starting a brand-new content site or have one that just needs a spruce-up, great sites tend to share similar habits and structures. today, i talk about ten things to keep... listen to episode
august 06, 2018
the 3 keys to publishing strong content … even if you aren’t a ‘great’ writer (yet)
how can we find the confidence to publish regularly — when we’re not completely confident in our writing ability yet? “publish regularly!” is one of the frequent commandments of content success. “only publish high-quality content” is another frequent commandment of content success. how do we reconcile them? how can we work up the confidence to... listen to episode
july 30, 2018
fix these 3 points of failure to get better results for your content
a quick three-step check to make any piece of content more interesting and more effective. while doing critiques for our private community of content marketers, i noticed a pattern emerging. that pattern turned into three quick checks you can do for any piece of content. try looking over your last few podcasts or blog posts... listen to episode
july 23, 2018
big changes at convertkit: a discussion with founder nathan barry
convertkit founder nathan barry dropped by to talk about their platform, their evolution, and why they’ve taken a leap into a brand-new name and identity. editorial note: convertkit recently announced that they’re going to stay with the name convertkit — here’s why. at copyblogger, we really like the convertkit email solution. in fact, we’re marketing... listen to episode
july 16, 2018
3 skills to master to become a marketing badass this year
most of us won’t make a living making “pure art” that only serves our creative expression. but you won’t make a reasonable living writing cynical garbage, either. hope your new year is going well! brian clark and i have had some great conversations about what we want to write and teach in the new year,... listen to episode
july 09, 2018
the quiet power of conversational copy
a lot of us feel a tension between effective copywriting and content that fully respects our audiences. “conversational copywriter” nick usborne joins us to talk about why that’s a false choice. nick usborne is an unusual writer. he has many years of direct response experience, but he talks more like a “content guy.” he’s here... listen to episode
june 18, 2018
5 rules of thumb to relieve seo-induced stress
does search engine optimization seem depressingly hard to stay on top of? things do move quickly, but that doesn’t mean you have to let it drive you nuts. over the past 10 years, brian clark has drummed some important things into my head about what we should (and shouldn’t) do to keep google and the... listen to episode
june 11, 2018
how to use the gdpr to make your business stronger than ever
lots of businesses and marketers are scrambling over the new data protection law, gdpr. but tara gentile is here to talk about some of the real-world benefits it can bring — not just to consumers, but to business. this week, tara gentile swung by to talk about the gdpr (europe’s general data protection regulation), and... listen to episode
june 04, 2018
‘good karma’ selling that works: a conversation with tim paige
tim paige is that rarest of creatures: a really good salesperson who understands the people who aren’t (yet). this week, i was pleased to be able to interview “webinar gun for hire” tim paige, to talk about how “normal people” can learn to be genuinely effective at selling. important note: we’ve updated the date on... listen to episode
may 14, 2018
how to get more comfortable (and effective) at selling
selling is a skill, not an innate talent. but that doesn’t mean it’s always comfortable to learn. too many content creators have amazing audiences and a wonderful product or service — but they fall apart at the “last mile” of selling to their customers or clients. in this 19-minute episode, i talk about: why starting... listen to episode
april 30, 2018
privacy and permission in the wake of cambridge analytica
legislators, citizens, and advertisers are all concerned about the trends in privacy and permission on social platforms — but they’re concerned for different reasons. even as facebook tries to dodge legislation about what it does with user data, marketers have a choice. we can try to do whatever we can get away with, or we... listen to episode
april 23, 2018
seth godin and how to create change
a conversation about what matters in marketing and business. i was delighted to be able to catch up with our friend and one of my favorite teachers, seth godin. in this 19-minute conversation, we talk about: the fundamental shift in how seth sees marketing differently his thoughts on fake news and the “post-truth” online environment... listen to episode
april 16, 2018
email? chatbots? social? how are we supposed to reach people?
given everyone’s crowded inboxes and fragmented attention spans — what’s the best way to reach people? content and permission marketing have been a wonderful development. it’s great to be able to connect with audiences instead of just interrupting people. but what happens when attention spans are so fragmented that people have a hard time tracking... listen to episode
april 09, 2018
the double-edged sword that can make (or break) your content
there’s an incredibly useful tool that can actually sabotage your content … if you don’t use it correctly. note: if you want to know more about the upcoming creative content foundations class, get on over to this page and let us know how to get you by email: creative content foundations interest list there’s a... listen to episode
march 26, 2018
make more progress by getting (gently) out of your comfort zone
what’s the best way to handle overwhelm, especially when it comes with a side of procrastination? note: if you want to know more about the upcoming creative content foundations class, you can drop your details here: creative content foundations interest list lots of us (most of us?) have big, challenging projects that we want to... listen to episode
march 19, 2018
are you doing 2022世界杯12强赛程 wrong?
it’s time for the latest round of “2022世界杯12强赛程 doesn’t work any more” stories. can you tell these make me a little cranky? it’s official — 2022世界杯12强赛程 has moved from the gartner hype cycle “peak of inflated expectations” to the dreaded “trough of disappointment.” yes, there’s an awful lot of content out there. and... listen to episode
march 12, 2018
storytelling for modern 2022世界杯12强赛程 (part 2 of 2)
tech and tactics come and go — but storytelling lasts forever. in this episode, shane snow and joe lazauskas of contently share their favorite techniques for developing a storytelling edge. (part 2 of a 2-part episode.) we all know that stories are powerful — but sometimes it’s hard to know how to tell stories that... listen to episode
march 05, 2018
storytelling for modern 2022世界杯12强赛程 (part 1 of 2)
tech and tactics come and go — but storytelling lasts forever. in this episode, shane snow and joe lazauskas of contently share their favorite techniques for developing a storytelling edge. (part 1 of a 2-part episode.) we all know that stories are powerful — but sometimes it’s hard to know how to tell stories that... listen to episode
february 26, 2018
10 quality factors search engines need to see on your site
what do the search engines mean by a “high quality site”? while technical seo still exists, a huge chunk of modern search engine optimization consists of “generating high-quality content.” so what does that mean? when a search engine ‘bot looks at your site, what kinds of things is it looking for? in this 23-minute episode,... listen to episode
february 19, 2018
a simple content strategy to make your site massively more useful
here’s a simple way to make the best use of your time when you’re creating new content, improve your seo, and create a great user experience on your website. whether you’ve created a lot of content already, or you’re just starting out, here’s how to structure your site with strong “cornerstones” so you do an... listen to episode
february 12, 2018
how to avoid a heartbreaking business failure
i see and hear the horror stories on facebook, on linkedin, at conferences. folks who spend months or sometimes years on a big, bold business idea … only to see it die at launch with no sales. you don’t have to risk months of time and thousands of dollars to try out your business idea... listen to episode
february 05, 2018
hey writers: let’s get you paid what you’re worth
the web needs talented writers. so why is it (sometimes) so hard for the best writers to get paid what they’re worth? there are so many really good writers out there who are thiiiis close to making a great living — they just need to add a couple of readily-learnable skills. in this 15-minute episode,... listen to episode
january 29, 2018
5 keys to making your content more shareable
content sharing is the great “free ride” of 2018. you get more people looking at your stuff, and you don’t have to pay a dime for it. but you do need to set your content up for sharing success. optimizing your content to share is a great, cost-effective way to grow your audience and expand... listen to episode
january 15, 2018
3 observations on trends (but not predictions) for 2018
i don’t believe in predictions. the future isn’t a mystery novel, with carefully selected clues left for us to decipher. but there’s something i do think is useful to watch. rather than trying to make predictions, i’m a big fan of looking at significant trends — at watching what’s happening now, and looking for what’s... listen to episode
december 18, 2017
3 tips now to build a strong foundation in 2018
january is the traditional month to work on goals for the new year, but there’s a lot to be said for starting in december. today, in the middle of a month that can often be hectic and chaotic, i thought i’d talk about three things to noodle on for the upcoming work. nothing you have... listen to episode
december 11, 2017
the 3 success factors that help writers earn a great living
why do some of the most talented people see the least success? sometimes they’re held back by misconceptions about marketing and sales. some of the most talented people out there don’t get the recognition they deserve because they’re apprehensive about marketing themselves — or they’re apprehensive about marketing in general. i’ll do what i can... listen to episode
december 04, 2017
how to recognize a great content idea
it’s hard enough to come up with ideas — but when we do, how do we know they’re any good? how can we evaluate our ideas and make sure we’re choosing the ones that will create the best content? shannon left us a great comment on the blog with exactly this question, so i thought... listen to episode
november 27, 2017
how to cultivate a more meaningful gratitude practice
do the usual “gratitude practices” ever feel formulaic or simplistic to you? here are some that i’ve found can go a little deeper. this week as we head toward u.s. thanksgiving, you’ll see a lot about gratitude around the web. but sometimes gratitude practices can feel like just another obligation. and on those days when... listen to episode
november 20, 2017
advice for poets, advice for killers
william maynard of the bates agency once wrote that “… most good copywriters fall into two categories. poets. and killers. poets see an ad as an end. killers as a means to an end.” and david ogilvy famously added,”if you are both killer and poet, you get rich.” we’ve talked before about the killer and... listen to episode
november 13, 2017
face your business fears on halloween week
happy halloween week! today we’re talking with rebecca tracey about entrepreneurial fear — how it holds us back and what we can do about it. i’ve been talking this month about entrepreneurial fear — on the blog, in our private 2022世界杯12强赛程 community, and today on this podcast. today, i invited becca tracey to talk... listen to episode
october 30, 2017
how to make smarter decisions about your website
neuroscience tells us that making decisions for our content strategy or our websites is “cognitively expensive.” in simpler terms — it’s exhausting. here are a few “back of the envelope” factors that can help you zero in on the right choice. the internet is an endless parade of exciting shiny things we could be doing... listen to episode
october 23, 2017
a series of unfortunate content events
5 painful mistakes i’ve seen writers, marketers, and business owners make … and how you can avoid them we all make mistakes — but it sucks a lot less to learn from someone else’s. in this 18-minute episode, i talk about five painful mistakes that i’ve made (some of them more than once), and how... listen to episode
october 02, 2017
the evolution of a successful copywriter
how one freelance copywriter found his groove, and how you can find yours, too. lots of our listeners are freelance copywriters — and many more would like to do some writing as a “side hustle,” whether or not you ever want to go full-time. in this 31-minute episode, i chat with freelance writer and content... listen to episode
september 18, 2017
7 ways to improve your marketing by harnessing the power of evil
think marketing is evil? only if you’re doing it right … every once in awhile, i run across someone who hates me, my job, my website, and my company, because after all, marketing is intrinsically interesting. in this 9-minute episode, i share my favorite techniques for enslaving the wills of others to sell your products... listen to episode
august 28, 2017
smart questions from our brilliant audience
a collection of great questions from our smart audience! i love audience questions! thanks to four thoughtful folks this week for asking questions (or leaving their thoughts) to spark this week’s responses. in this 26-minute episode, i talk about: whether the flood of crummy ebooks is damaging the market the four points that i believe... listen to episode
august 14, 2017
does the web have enough patience for your in-depth content?
a comment from one of our blog readers sparked some thoughts… a reader left a great question as a blog post comment, and the answer took us to some fundamentals about the role of content on our sites. in this 17-minute episode, i talk about: why i’m not a fan of “monetizing” your site why... listen to episode
august 07, 2017
how to write (much better) blog comments
seems simple enough, right? then how come so many people are terrible at it? in principle, leaving a comment on someone’s blog, podcast, or social media account doesn’t seem too tricky. enter your name and other info, write down your thought, and click post comment. in practice, too many folks leave comments that are weak,... listen to episode
july 31, 2017
which works better: positive or negative content?
which works better in 2022世界杯12强赛程 — positive messages or negative ones? well … it depends. on the one hand, as content marketers, we want to associate ourselves and our content with lots of great feelings — that’s what makes our audience want to spend more time with us. on the other hand, negativity bias... listen to episode
july 17, 2017
how to attract the exact customers you want
being able to visualize a specific and vivid “who” is one of the most important things you’ll ever figure out in your marketing or your business. digital marketing always offers fun and shiny new tools to tempt us — but it’s wise to keep your eye on the fundamentals. and there’s nothing more fundamental to... listen to episode
july 10, 2017
how to create stability and success as an artist
we all know the cliche of the starving artist — but how about the thriving artist? jeff goins has some advice on how to “build a bridge in the direction of your dream.” today we invited our friend jeff goins to talk about his new book, real artists don’t starve. in this 33-minute episode, jeff... listen to episode
july 03, 2017
two powerful resources for life-changing growth
can we change who we are? are we stuck with the aptitudes and habits we have today, or can we make fundamental changes? and if change is possible … are we up to the challenge? it’s funny when you think about it — virtually everyone wants to change. they want to be smarter or richer... listen to episode
june 19, 2017
how to turn all that marketing advice into action
are you a “training addict”? wondering how to handle all of the marketing and business information you’re taking in? allow me to suggest a plan. it’s easy to say, “just don’t read or listen to any more marketing advice until you implement what you already have.” but digital marketing and business do change. besides, learning... listen to episode
june 12, 2017
how to develop a compelling marketing idea in 4 steps
want to be more persuasive? you need to start with a great idea. here’s how to develop one. we think of ideas as coming in a flash of inspiration … but when you’re talking about the “big idea” that informs persuasive communication, it pays to actually develop your idea systematically. brian clark thinks a lot... listen to episode
june 05, 2017
getting over the fear of selling
is your fear of selling keeping you from where you want to go? selling is part of business — but it makes a lot of us nervous (especially writers, i’ve noticed). i think that’s because we have skewed “glengarry glen ross” ideas about what effective selling truly looks like, and we don’t understand the structures... listen to episode
may 30, 2017
talking community and digital business with tara gentile
a business community for the new economy i had a lot of fun talking with tara gentile about her new community for digital business owners. in our 28-minute conversation, we talked about: how tara engineered a community that got past the bias for whining the difference between selling education and delivering educational experiences why we... listen to episode
may 22, 2017
plagiarism, self-deception, bad sandwiches, and other interesting disasters
perception is not reality. reality is still reality. the great thing about the internet is, when people do really dumb stuff, we all get to find out about it … and maybe even learn something. today, i share some lessons from a pair of extremely public missteps. these include: what a great attitude and hard... listen to episode
may 15, 2017
professional writers: find out how to get certified by copyblogger
our certification program for content marketers will be opening up again soon. if you’re a professional writer, particularly a freelancer, you’d probably like to know how to get more high-quality clients. our certified content marketer program exists to connect your high level of skill to the kinds of clients who value it. and that program... listen to episode
may 01, 2017
the painful core lesson taught by 3 astonishing big-brand fails
has the entire business world lost its mind? some thoughts on interesting disasters … and on how to do your homework for better results. today’s a bit of a two-parter. first, i talk about some of the recent impressive pr fails committed by giant brands — and what i believe might be at the heart... listen to episode
april 17, 2017
5 mindset habits that actually work
there’s so much mindset advice out there to make you more successful … but is it doing you more harm than good? a lot of advice about business and success focuses on mindset — those mental habits we can adopt to make ourselves more productive and effective. in my experience (and my reading of the... listen to episode
april 03, 2017
on grammar, usage, and not being a great big jerk
in memory of washington post copyeditor, bill walsh, and the finer points of grammar and usage peeves. when you write about writing, there are few topics more lively than our favorite grammar and usage mistakes. but how many of them are mistakes, and how many are just differences? and is it actually possible to learn... listen to episode
march 27, 2017
creative strategies for content writers
this week, i talk with copywriter and content creator kaleigh moore about her tips for staying productive and creative. 2022世界杯12强赛程 isn’t an easy game — and when you create content for clients, you need to develop strong skills and habits to keep the creativity flowing. in this 21-minute episode, i talk with writer kaleigh... listen to episode
march 20, 2017
a new ultra-easy resource for creating excellent wordpress sites
a conversation with brian gardner about the evolution of wordpress and new things happening at studiopress self-hosted wordpress is a wonderful thing … except for all the hard parts. like figuring out hosting, security, design, installation … in this 19-minute episode, i talk with our chief product officer (we sometimes call him our chief wordpress... listen to episode
march 13, 2017
thriving freelancers and clients from hell
what’s a freelancer’s biggest nightmare? clients from hell! guest bryce bladon shares his experience on how to cope — and how to avoid problems from the outset. if you haven’t checked out clients from hell yet, you’re in for a treat. this entertaining blog pulls together anonymous stories about those clients who give us aches... listen to episode
february 20, 2017
politics, 2022世界杯12强赛程, and the 2017 super bowl ads
is it wise to get political with our 2022世界杯12强赛程? we’ve all seen this year’s super bowl ads hashed, rehashed, and re-rehashed. the big theme of the year was: crossing the line into politics. but what happens when the line crosses you? in other words, how should a company respond when a previously non-controversial position... listen to episode
february 13, 2017
copyblogger book club: winning the story wars
we love books at copyblogger! today, we’re digging into jonah sachs’ winning the story wars. stepping into the world of meaning-making means stepping onto a high-stakes battlefield where important stories compete.”– jonah sachs, winning the story wars when sachs wrote his book in 2012, the phrase “story wars” seemed like it might be putting things... listen to episode
february 06, 2017
3 2022世界杯12强赛程 strategy fails (and how to fix them)
no, 2022世界杯12强赛程 strategy is not “make a whole bunch of spaghetti and see what sticks to the wall.” “how come my 2022世界杯12强赛程 isn’t working?” this is a great question … and the answer isn’t necessarily, “you need to create more content.” often, you aren’t creating the right kind of content — the kind... listen to episode
january 23, 2017
the 2017 content excellence challenge: your january assignments
new year, new you? or nah? woot! this is our first “official” pair of prompts for the 2017 content excellence challenge. (in december we were just getting warmed up …) the january prompts creative: brainstorm 20-30 headlines for possible content. incorporate as many ideas as you can from the ebook and articles below. every day... listen to episode
january 09, 2017
bad writing advice: the ‘post truth’ episode
so much bad advice … funny thing — you can ask for people’s favorite words of advice, and you’ll get a decent number of answers. but ask for their favorite piece of bad advice, and you’ll really get a response. i did exactly that on twitter, and the podcast and post this week are all... listen to episode
december 19, 2016
get ready now for a creative and productive 2017
see ya, 2016! we’re starting 2017 early this year. this year has been a rollercoaster … so i’m proposing we kick 2017 off early. to get where you want to go professionally, you’ll need to create excellent content, and to create enough of it to make an impact. we want to support your efforts in... listen to episode
december 12, 2016
the 4 pillars every online business is built on
ever thought about launching an online course … or some other digital product or service? here are the four most important elements you need to put into play. whether you’re starting out or a you’re digital commerce veteran, there are some fundamental pieces that need to be in play before you can profitably launch a... listen to episode
december 05, 2016
orbit media’s latest survey of 1000 bloggers
it’s time again for andy crestodina’s annual survey of 1000(+) bloggers. take a listen and see how your site measures against the trends … for the third year running, andy crestodina over at orbit media has run his survey of 1000 bloggers. we had a chance to chat about the most interesting findings … and... listen to episode
november 28, 2016
have you already missed the podcasting gold rush?
is it too late to start a podcast? should we all just shut up and listen quietly, rather than launching something that isn’t great? so, ryan holiday published a post, and it got a lot of attention. ryan is excellent at getting attention, and he details some of his most effective techniques in his book,... listen to episode
november 14, 2016
getting more traffic, links, and shares to your content
“help! no one is reading my content!” we have some thoughts … whether your site is big or small, we all want more engaged visitors who are reading, watching, and listening to our content. in this 23-minute episode, sonia talks about: the smartest place (usually) to send paid traffic how to generate the “signals of... listen to episode
november 07, 2016
5 quick wins for content marketers
2022世界杯12强赛程 is a long game … but that doesn’t mean we can’t create some quick wins. strategic 2022世界杯12强赛程 is all about long-term results — but there’s actually a lot you can do to create some momentum right away. in this 19-minute episode, sonia talks about: the fastest way i know to create lots... listen to episode
october 31, 2016
announcing: an intriguing new tool for collaborative content
smart content producers know that we can produce a lot more (and better) content when we collaborate. but collaboration brings its own set of headaches and complexities. today we talk about a nifty new tool to make it simpler. joanna wiebe, conversion expert extraordinaire, two-time speaker at our live event in denver, and creator of... listen to episode
october 24, 2016
a new book to make 2022世界杯12强赛程 easier
there’s a word that comes up a lot when we talk about 2022世界杯12强赛程: intimidating. it’s easy to get intimidated at the prospect of creating a high volume of really good content. and even more so if you don’t completely think of yourself as a writer. guess who wrote a book to help? it’s copyblogger’s... listen to episode
october 17, 2016
behind the scenes at copyblogger: our new email approach
here’s a great problem to have: producing so much high-quality content that your audience gets overwhelmed. but the thing is … it’s still a problem. today, sonia simone and pamela wilson take you behind the scenes to look at the development of our new weekly email roundup — copyblogger weekly. we’re putting this new approach... listen to episode
october 10, 2016
the ‘obligatory’ structure of effective content
fiction needs what editor shawn coyne calls “obligatory scenes” — the elements that satisfy audience expectations and make the book a must-read. do those elements exist for content? and if so … what are they? today, sonia simone gives her thoughts on the “must-include” elements of a solid 2022世界杯12强赛程 program. in this 28-minute episode,... listen to episode
october 03, 2016
7 powerful content strategies borrowed from advertising masters
the copyblogger blog was founded on a simple but powerful idea — that our content (blogs, podcasts, video) can be strengthened by adapting techniques from the world of direct response copywriting. today, sonia drills into some specific techniques and approaches that we can profitably swipe from our direct response brothers and sisters. in this 24-minute... listen to episode
september 26, 2016
how to handle demographic and psychographic segmentation (without looking like an idiot)
a common newbie marketing mistake is trying to talk to everyone. there are all kinds of buzzwords around speaking to a specific audience — segmentation, demographics, psychographics, generational marketing. today sonia talks about a few pitfalls and best practices. last week the new york times ran a funny little piece about the baby boomers being... listen to episode
september 15, 2016
ethics, professionalism, and good manners for content marketers
there’s a lot of great content out there … and then there’s the topic of today’s podcast. sonia looks at the good, the bad, and the ugly. there are two kinds of people. some folks do the right thing for its own sake, and some because the other option has negative consequences. this one’s for... listen to episode
september 08, 2016
3 questions that can haunt creative professionals
sonia’s back on the podcast this week with suggestions on how to address three challenges that pop up often in our communities. when we’re talking with creative professionals, and content marketers in particular, we’ve noticed certain challenges that come up again and again. in this 22-minute episode, sonia simone is back on copyblogger fm to... listen to episode
september 01, 2016
how to give and get exceptional testimonials, part two
did you realize that making it a habit to give testimonials regularly can pay off in some powerful ways? giving a testimonial is a service to others, but it serves you, too. in the previous episode, pamela wilson shared the six “magical” questions you can ask to get convincing testimonials. she concludes the testimonials series... listen to episode
august 25, 2016
how to give and get exceptional testimonials, part one
in an age where we’re faced with too many choices, testimonials help us trust enough to make a decision to buy. are you using this powerful tool in your business? testimonials work because you’re not tooting your own horn — others are doing it for you. in this episode, pamela wilson sits in for sonia... listen to episode
august 18, 2016
are you leaving money on the table with weak headlines?
your headline is the epic gateway to your content. are you doing everything you can to pull your readers across the threshold? tune in to hear from two copyblogger heavy hitters (and serious headline nerds) pamela wilson, executive vice president of educational content, and stefanie flaxman, editor-in-chief. they bring along a satchel full of... listen to episode
august 11, 2016
2022世界杯12强赛程 for nonprofits
are the rules of 2022世界杯12强赛程 different for nonprofits? we talk with help one now founder chris marlow to find out. 2022世界杯12强赛程 has exploded in traditional for-profit companies, but nonprofits have different needs and agendas. in this 29-minute episode, chris marlow and i talk about: the #1 mistake most nonprofits make with their content... listen to episode
august 04, 2016
the one-two punch that creates the most successful copywriters
in the copywriting world, some of us are poets and some of us are killers. the really great ones are a blend of both. william maynard once said, most good copywriters fall into two categories. poets. and killers. poets see an ad as an end, killers as a means to an end. and advertising legend... listen to episode
july 28, 2016
pokémon go: the good, the bad, and the ugly
whether you love it or hate it — pokémon go is the biggest global hit in a long time. is it worthwhile to try and find a poké-marketing angle? we’ve been waiting for a truly mainstream augmented reality app to come along — and has it ever. within a week of launch, pokémon go had... listen to episode
july 21, 2016
5 suggestions when you’re writing about controversy
expressing deeply­ held values in your content can have powerful results. but what happens when the conversation becomes controversial? there’s no shortage of sensitive, controversial topics in the public conversation today. some of them are handled skillfully … and some aren’t. in this 21 ­minute episode, i talk about: why you may want to consider... listen to episode
july 14, 2016